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Collection of a seminal sample


To produce a semen sample the man should abstain from ejaculation for 2 - 4 days before providing the sample. The entire ejaculate should be collected by masturbation into the container provided by the laboratory.    Lubricants should be avoided.  For men needing to collect during intercourse special collection condoms are available from scientific laboratories that specialise in semen analysis.    The semen sample should be transported in a sealed plastic bag and submitted to the laboratory with the request slip signed by the doctor within 1 hour of collection.  The semen sample should be kept at room temperature.    If the semen sample is being used for a treatment procedure such as insemination or IVF or being frozen the man must sign the specimen container.  A map and directions for ACA are printed on the back of this form.
Alternatively, please call the ACA reception to arrange collection of your semen sample within the privacy of the comfortable collections rooms at the centre.


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