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Here are some FAQ

After an IVF cycle you may be at risk of a condition called OHSS.  It is important that you drink plenty of fluids and remain mobile to achieve prevention of OHSS from becoming severe.   Sometimes your doctor will cancel your egg collection or embryo transfer to reduce the chance of the female partner becoming sick with OHSS.  Whilst this is frustrating it is a decision not taken lightly.  It is important to prevent OHSS as once it has occurred treatment is supportive until the condition spontaneously gets better. Information about cycle cancellation is available.

If you are having a treatment cycle and  you develop the symptoms of OHSS.  This is a serious condition and you should contact one of the following according to the severity of your symptoms:

  1. Your nurse coordinator
  2. Your doctor
  3. The accident and emergency department of Greenslopes Private Hospital
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