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Before you start treatment

There are number of tasks to address before you can start treatment with Assisted Conception Australia, and these are outlined below.

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  • First  - registration.   You will need to provide personal information included on the registration form.  This will include your medicare number and personal details. After registration we will need to take your photograph for your photo ID and you will be given some information sheets, which will describe the chance of success, possible side-effects and long term risks of each treatment.  Reading and understanding these information sheets is important and should be done before you sign any consent forms.  It is a good idea to read these information sheets and to write down any questions you need answered by your doctor or the nurses of Assisted Conception Australia.  Once it has been scanned into your electronic patient record, you will be given your original signed consent form and medical information about your condition for your reference.  We need this information about your condition to assist in your management as well as report to our accrediting bodies (RTAC and ANZARD).  From time to time as part of our commitment to improve the quality of service your files will be inspected by our employees.  Registration costs $25.00 per year.  You need to update your details each year so we know how to correspond with you. This is particularly important if you have embryos or other samples stored with us.
  • Second – an understanding of the legal relationship between you and Assisted Conception Australia.  We have a privacy policy and legal obligations to provide a quality service.  As such we meet the accreditation standards required by RTAC  and as such are a unit of excellence.
  • Third  - we need you to have screening blood tests performed.  These screen for diseases such as hepatitis B and hepatitis C and the AIDS virus (HIV or human immunodeficiency virus) and syphilis.  These need to be repeated annually.  If you are a carrier for any of the viral conditions (hepatitis and HIV) your samples will be stored in the storage tank away from samples from couples who have negative screening tests.  This is an extra precaution for couples who are not carriers of the viral infections.  If you have a positive result for syphilis it will be diagnosed and treated before you can proceed with treatment.


  • You will need to understand the financial costs of treatment before you commence.  These are paid in advance before the cycle and an itemised receipt (which allows you to claim through Medicare) is issued following the completion of the treatment cycle (either embryo transfer or insemination).  Our friendly reception staff will assist you in understanding your costs if you are unclear. 
  • Having fertility treatments can be very stressful.  We endeavour to assist you in every way during your treatment and have some advice on managing stress.  We have a counsellor who is available for consultation.  If you are having an IVF or ICSI cycle you can have a counselling session either alone or as a couple which is covered by Medicare.  You will need to book this appointment.  A trainee counsellor will attend the sessions covered by Medicare and if you do not wish this please ensure this is made known to us at the time you book the appointment.  In addition to this Assisted Conception Australia has employed nursing staff to facilitate the setting up and continuation of a patient support group.

Image of Nursing Coordinator Fiona O'Hare and a patient in the Nurses treatment room 
  • Having fertility treatments can be quite bewildering as the medical treatment can be quite complex.  It is important to follow the treatments according to instruction to maximise your chance of success.  Therefore if you are uncertain about anything please either telephone your doctor’s room or call or email our nursing staff.  Information about treatments such as insemination, IVF, ICSI, fresh and frozen embryo transfer, using donated embryos or donated sperm or oocytes is available. 

  • Assisted Conception Australia regularly run group information sessions for couples.  Planned information sessions and venues are available.
  • As the leaders of Assisted Conception Australia are recognised leaders in fertility management Assisted Conception Australia often partakes in research studies.  These are conducted with the intention of improving  quality of care in all aspects of fertility management.  All research trials are approved by the Human Research and Ethics Committee of Greenslopes Private Hospital and comply with the recommendations of NHMRC.  If you are asked to partake in a research trial please consider it carefully.  You may be making it better for another couple in the future.  If however you do not wish to partake, your decision will be respected and your treatment and relationship with Assisted Conception Australia will not be compromised.  Assisted Conception Australia is one of the first units in Australia to join with REACT a new initiative to allow cooperation between IVF units to study fertility interventions in a meaningful way.  Information on current research projects is available.
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