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Assisted Conception Australia Library

Assisted Conception Australia has a library of books on many fertility issues, and these books are available for our patients to borrow free of charge. If you know the topic that you are interested in, please click on the links below:



Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
A Woman’s Guide to Indentifying and Managing PCOS
Eden, Dr John
Allen & Unwin 2005    

A Woman’s Guide to Dealing with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Harris, Collette
Carey, Adam
Thorsons 2000 

A Parent’s Guide to Polycystic Ovary
Its Effects on Health and Fertility
Kovacs, Gabor
Hill of Content Publishing 2001 

Living with P.C.O.S.
Boss, Angela
Weidman-Sterling, Evelina
Legro, Richard
Addicus Books, 2001   


Becoming Orgasmic:A Sexual Growth Program for Women
Heiman, Julia  
Lo Piccolo, Leslie
Lo Piccolo, Joseph
Prentice-Hall of Australia 1976 

Surviving Sexual Abuse
Kelly, Elizabeth
Gore & Osment, 1995   


Adopting Overseas
A Guide to Adopting from Australia
Plus Personal Stories that will inspire you
Burns, Lucy
Burns, Ailsa
Rockpool Publishing 2007  

Parents’ Stories
Turner-Goldsmith, Jane
Wakefield Press 2007


Making Babies
Personal IVF Stories
Miller, Theresa
Scribe, Melbourne 2007 

An Empty Lap
One Couple’s Journey to Parenthood
Smolowe, Jill
Pocket Books 1997  


Coping with Childlessness
Houghton, Diane
Houghton, Peter
Unwin Hyman Ltd 1984 

Always a Part of Me
Surviving Childbearing Loss
Collinge, Amanda
Daniel, Sue
Jones, Heather Grace
ABC Books, 2001  

A Baby, Maybe
Nugent-Smith, Carmel
Nugent-Smith, Jerome
Oaks Holding Pty Ltd, 1987 

When You Cant Have a Child
Personal Stories of Living Through Infertility and Childlessness
Powell, Susan
Stagoll, Helen
Allen & Unwin/Drummond 1992  

Battle with the Baby Gods
Infertility: Stories of Hope
Hampson, Amanda
Doubleday, 1997   


What Every Woman Needs to Know
A Positive New Approach
Regan, Lesley
Bloomsbury Publishing 1997


Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection
Van Steirteghem, Andre
Joris, Hubert
Liu, Jiaen
Nagy, Zsolt
Bocken, Geertrui
Vankelecom, An
Desmet, Bart
Van Ranst, Heidi
Centre for Reproductive Medicine  


The Billings Method
Controlling Fertility without Drugs or Devices
Billings, Dr Evelyn
Westmore, Ann
Penguin Books 1980 


Women’s Mental Health
A Concise Guide
Burt, Vivien
Hendrick, Victoria
American Psychiatric Press Inc 1997 


Below The Belt
An Owner’s Guide to Gynaecology
Macquarie, Jane
Text Publishing Company, 1994 


Getting Pregnant
A Compassionate Resource to Overcoming Infertility
Jansen, Robert
Allen & Unwin 1997 


Strong Women, Strong Bones
Nelson, Miriam
Wernick, Sarah
Lothian Books, 2000 


The Osteoporosis Handbook
Witham, Ben
Davidson, Jenny
Arthritis Foundation of Victoria, 1991 

Everyone’s Bones
A Handbook for the Prevention and Management of Osteoporosis
Cockburn, Sally (Dr Feelgood)
Osteoporosis Victoria, 2001      


Abortion and Afterwards
Davies, Vanessa
Ashgrove Press 1991    


Making It Through The Night
How Couples Can Survive a Crisis Together
Quigley, Pat
Shroyer, Marilyn
Conari Press, 1992   


Helping the Stork
The Choices and Challenges of Donor Insemination
Frost-Vercollone, Carol
Moss, Heidi
Moss, Robert
MacMillan USA 1997 


New Ways of Making Babies

The Case of Egg Donation
Cohen, Cynthia
Indiana University Press 1996           
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