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Blood Tests

Before you undertake treatment with Assisted Conception Australia it is necessary for us to confirm whether you carry certain viral or bacterial infections.  These can be checked by the taking of a blood test.  It is a requirement of Assisted Conception Australia that these tests have been performed in the 12 months prior to your commencing a treatment cycle.

If any of the screening tests are positive – indicating past or current active infection – you will need a further consultation with your doctor to discuss the implications of the positive test and whether any further treatment is required.  In some circumstances (AIDS, hepatitis and syphilis) there is a legislative requirement to notify the result of the positive test to regulatory health authorities. If both partners are negative for hepatitis and AIDS virus their samples will be stored in the storage tank with samples from other couples who test negative for hepatitis and AIDS virus.

A list of tests required for the following different types of treatment cycle, is detailed below:

  • Standard IVF,  ICSI or IUI
  • Oocyte donation
  • Sperm donation
  • Embryo donation
  • To store sperm


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