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Legal Relationship


When a couple seeks treatment for infertility through Assisted Conception Australia a legal relationship is developed.  This is  a relationship involving three parties – your doctor supervising your treatment, the staff of Assisted Conception (administration, counselling, nursing and scientific) and yourselves.

The nature of this relationship is described here.


The doctor supervising your treatment is well known to you.  Your doctor will tell you if he or she will conduct all or some of your treatment.  Sometimes your doctor may delegate the responsibility of your treatment to another doctor and your doctor will disclose this to you.  Sometimes your doctor will delegate the responsibility of your treatment to the nurse coordinator, the scientific staff or the counselling staff.  At all times when your treatment is delegated to nursing, scientific or counselling staff your doctor is in charge and if you are unhappy with your care you should contact your doctor.


The staff of Assisted Conception Australia assist your doctor in providing assisted reproduction services.  The staff are employed by Assisted Conception Australia and may not be employed by your doctor.  The staff of Assisted Conception Australia are not able to advise you on finding a different doctor or recommending a particular doctor for treatment or to advise on planning future treatment cycles.  The staff of Assisted Conception Australia each have unique expertise in their area of management and as such are there to help you as much as possible.  They will help  answer questions and assist in making your chance of success as high as possible. 


Assisted Conception Australia undertakes to provide the best possible treatment for infertility and does so by employing the most suitable staff for each task, by the implementation of a quality management system.  Assisted Conception Australia is committed to providing excellent quality service.  If you have any complaints or recommendations please visit the section of the website entitled Client Feedback.

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