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Counselling services for donor gamete conception

Are you contemplating fertility treatment using donated eggs, sperm or embryos?  If you are, you are probably aware that your treatment includes a mandatory session with the ACA counsellor.  This shouldn’t be viewed as an unpleasant or daunting task, but rather an opportunity to fully explore the implications of this treatment before jumping in with both feet. 

Provided below are some of the issues that might be discussed during this type of counselling session.

- The loss of your own fertility, and your feelings about not being able to use your own gametes for reproduction
- The relative advantages of using anonymous or known donors
- The potential confusion within a relationship where an offspring child is genetically related to one partner but not the other.
- The possibility of treatment failure after taking the big step to use donated gametes
- Consideration of other options, such as adoption
- The altered chance of achieving a pregnancy using donated, rather than your own gametes
- Participation of other supports in the decision to use a donor
- Intention to disclose to any resultant child the means by which he or she was conceived
- If single, how you might manage parenting a child alone, and how this child might impact on your future “romantic” relationships

Donor counselling aims to ensure that you have fully considered how this type of treatment might impact on yourself, your partner (current of future), your wider family, and any child that results from treatment.  Counselling does not aim to talk you into – or out of – proceeding with treatment.  It is anticipated that any donor counselling session will be thought-provoking and stimulating, but not distressing or confrontational. 

If you are considering treatment using donor eggs, sperm or embryos, please contact ACA for an appointment with the counsellor. 

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