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FSP STUDY – Frequently asked questions….

Am I eligible for the FSP study?
Most women having intrauterine insemination (IUI) can take part. There is no age limit. You will be randomly allocated to receive the usual catheter (the Wallace) or the FSP catheter, but you can only be in the trial once. The trial organizers hope to recruit 300 women.

Is it free?
Taking part in the trial costs the same as standard treatment.  The Wallace catheter costs $15.00 and you are billed for that.  The FSP catheter costs $100 and you are billed $15 for that.  There are out of pocket expenses for having an intrauterine insemination cycle and some of these are eligible for Medicare rebate.

Is it painful?
As the volume of washed fluid containing sperm is greater and a little more pressure is needed to push it into the fallopian tubes, it is more uncomfortable than usual IUI. We ask you to complete an assessment of how uncomfortable you felt it to be after the treatment. Of the 40 women who have taken part, most report it is lower than 5 on a scale of 1-10 (10 being most uncomfortable).
If I am randomised to have IUI and not the FSP catheter on my cycle in the study, can I then have the FSP catheter in another cycle?
No, the FSP catheter is not proven to be more successful at present and is not available outside the trial, but by taking part in the trial you may be helping to make IUI treatment more successful for women.

How can I take part?
Contact Dr Clare Boothroyd or one of the ACA nurses if you would like to take part in this study. Any of these people can give, or post you the information sheet and consent form. It is the responsibility of Helen Martinez, administrative assistant, to know who is on the trial, to collect the consents and completed trial data. Please make sure you speak to Helen if she doesn’t ring you within a day or two!

When you book in for your next cycle of IUI mention to Dr Boothroyd that you would like to take part in the trial and take your signed consent form along when you next go for a scan or consultation.

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