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Active Learning Module 2009

In June 2009 the Active Learning Modules for primary care doctors at Greenslopes Private Hospital will cover different aspects of fertility treatment.

Presented by Assisted Conception Australia and Greenslopes Private Hospital the modules will be held on three Wednesday evenings from 6.30-8.30pm (with supper available from 6pm).

Sessions will be worth 40 category, 1 points.

Session 1: Fertility Treatment for HIM


Dr Peter Campbell (Urologist): Fertility after vasectomy

Dr Steven Fleming (Scientific Director Assisted Conception Australia): Bypassing male factor infertility

Dr Clare Boothroyd (Gynaecologist/Endocrinolgist): Androgen Replacement, living long-term with male factor infertility, preserving male fertility


Session II: Fertility Treatment for HER


Dr Stephen Cattanach (Gynaecologist): Obesity and reproduction - maternal mortality, what we should be telling patients

Ms Holly Frail and Dr Clare Boothroyd (Gynaecologist/Endocrinologist): Advances in diet and exercise and motivating people to lifestyle change

Dr John Copp (): Laparoscopic banding prior to reproduction


Session III: Fertility Treatment for Couples


Dr Glenda McLaren (Gynaecologist): New laws in assisted reproductive technology

Dr Clare Boothroyd ((Gynaecologist/Endocrinolgist)): Assessing an IVF unit and how to support a couple undertakingART

Ms Narelle Dickinson (Health Psychologist): How to support a couple undertaking ART and the role of counselling




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