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To register as a patient at Assisted Conception Australia you will need to:

This document includes some personal details, such as Medicare number and medical history. We need this information about your condition to assist in your management as well as report to our accrediting bodies (RTAC and ANZARD).  From time to time as part of our commitment to improve the quality of service your files will be inspected by our employees. 

  • Have a photograph taken.

This will be used as a photo ID for use while you are a patient with ACA.

  • Read some information sheets, which will be given to you when you register.

These sheets describe the chance of success, possible side-effects and long term risks of each treatment.  Reading and understanding this information is important and should be done before you sign any consent forms.  We would also like to suggest that you read these information sheets and write down any questions you might have so that these can be answered by your doctor or the nurses of Assisted Conception Australia. 

Registration costs for Assisted Conceptions Australia are $25.00 per year.  You need to update your details each year so we know how to correspond with you. This is particularly important if you have embryos or other samples stored with us.

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