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Cycle Cancellation

Sometimes it is necessary to cancel a treatment cycle.
This is never a decision taken likely by your doctor. 

Some reasons for cycle cancellation include

  1. an unacceptably high risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome ( a potentially life threatening complication of IVF cycles)
  2. too many eggs in a cycle where intrauterine insemination or sexual intercourse is planned and therefore an unacceptably high risk of multiple pregnancy such as triplets, quadruplets etc .  Sometimes these cycles may be converted to IVF cycles if your doctor thinks this is appropriate.
  3. too few eggs to justify the cost and risk of an oocyte collection (egg pickup).  Sometimes these cycles may be converted to an intrauterine insemination your doctor thinks this may help. 

If your treatment cycle is cancelled you should arrange an appointment at a mutually suitable time with your doctor to plan another cycle.  You will often need a few weeks off but you can be taking the contraceptive pill or nafarelin (Syneral) downregulating drug during this time.

Cycle cancellation usually results in no out of pocket expenses other than the cost of drugs you may have already purchased or treatment you may have already received.  You may arrange a refund from Assisted Conception Australia or give permission for the monies to be held by Assisted Conception Australia to count towards another treatment cycle.

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