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Assisted Conception Australia Celebrates Second Birthday

Assisted Conception Australia, located in the Administration Building at Greenslopes Private Hospital (GPH), recently celebrated its second birthday with a party for babies, mums and dads, siblings and mums-to-be. Now in its third year the unit has helped many couples achieve a pregnancy, with over 72 babies born since the centre’s auspicious launch on the 30th birthday of Louise Brown - the world’s first IVF baby.

At this year’s party it was a full house with buggies and baby bags taking over GPH’s outpatient waiting room. Fairies painted children’s faces and blew magical balloon dogs, bunches of flowers, swords and an air guitar - which became a special snake charmer’s hat. And after party food, raffles, prizes, a celebratory speech and some delicious chocolate mousse cake mums-to-be, new parents, siblings and the ACA team enjoyed catching up, and swapping stories. Youngest baby Amelia struggled to keep her eyes open, but everyone else had a ball.

In her welcome speech, ACA Medical Director Dr Clare Boothroyd said she was delighted to see so many beautiful babies and toddlers, and she felt privileged to have been involved with each family’s journey. She also hoped the government would continue to support couples seeking fertility treatment.  

So at the end of another busy year, the ACA team are looking forward to more couples achieving a pregnancy, and an even bigger baby party at next year’s gathering.

Finally, ACA Directors would like to thank Margie, Fiona, Clare, Mel and Khiem, without whom none of these achievements would have been possible.

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