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Writing to your local federal MP or Senator can make a powerful impact on government policy.  Using the following letter-writing guide, you can quickly and easily put together an informed, personal letter.

We need your help to send a strong message to the government that those with fertility problems, together with their family members and friends, are shocked by the suggestion that funding for the Medicare safety net may be reduced. This will place IVF treatment financially out of reach for many people.  This action by the government may also reduce access to obstetric services.

Please post, fax or email a very brief letter expressing your concern today to your member of parliament and copy it to The Prime Minister and his senior cabinet members.

We need to act fast! 

FACTS (use some of these in your letter)

? IVF is a complex and expensive medical technology that is meeting an important medical need in the community.
? The expansion of IVF services reflects underlying growth in infertility problems and reflects the greater success of the technology in recent years.
? Access to IVF programs has been significantly improved for patients from a wide range of income brackets for IVF.
? Affordability for IVF services has been dramatically improved by the Safety Net.  Many patients would be unable to access IVF services were the Safety Net curtailed or removed.
? IVF has successfully translated into provincial and rural practice.  The costs of providing non capital city services are substantial.  These communities are often lower income communities and depend on the safety net to maintain provincial and rural services.
? There are extremely limited infertility services available through the public sector and very limited public sector IVF services.  Loss of the Safety Net cannot be replaced by access to public sector services for infertility patients.
? Accessibility and affordability of IVF services has led to increased safety of IVF services. 

Please also ask your family members and friends to send a similar letter by post, email or fax.  If you have time, calling your members of parliament and the offices of other key MPs would add strength to our combined efforts.  Please also consider a letter to your local newspaper


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