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Take 10 minutes NOW to protect your chance for a child

STOP the Federal Government changing the Medicare Safety Net funding

 The Federal Government is planning to reduce the funding for IVF and obstetric services in January 2009. We need your help to send a strong message to the government that those with fertility problems, together with their family members and friends, are shocked by the suggestion that Medicare safety net funding may be reduced.  This will place IVF treatment out of reach for many people.

This action by the government may also reduce access to obstetric services.


We need to act fast!

If you have time, calling your members of parliament and the offices of other key MPs would add strength to our combined efforts.

Please contact the Assisted Conception Australia reception for further information on 07 3394 4108.

Take 10 minutes to write the letter now, and we will post it for you!

Please also ask your family members and friends to send a similar letter.

This will have huge implications for young Australians battling to have a family.

Everyone can have a say, so take a look at and contact your local Federal representative.


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