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3. Pamper yourself.  Take a holiday,  arrange a massage or some special event in which you find peace and relaxation.

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 4.  Set yourself achievable goals and try to mentally discipline yourself not to spend lots of time thinking negative thoughts. Make an appointment with one of the counsellors of Assisted Conception Australia to discuss how you might reduce and manage your perceived feeling of  stress.  If you are currently undertaking a treatment cycle a counselling session is covered by Medicare.  Otherwise counselling is available on a fee for service basis.  Please contact reception at Assisted Conception Australia for further information.

5.  Get information.  Stress levels are always higher where there is uncertainty and lack of knowledge.  Take advantage of the information sheets on the website of Assisted Conception Australia.  Explore some of the website links.


6.  Join the Assisted Conception Australia patient support group.  Attend one of the information sessions conducted by Assisted Conception Australia.  Borrow one of the books from the library of books held at Assisted Conception Australia.  These books are available for a deposit of $50 which is fully refundable on the return of the books.  

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