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Managing Stress

Having difficulty in conceiving a pregnancy is stressful.  There is no evidence that stress contributes in a significant way to ongoing infertility provided the couple is having regular sexual intercourse.  Trying to achieve a pregnancy though the use of assisted reproductive technology is also stressful.  It is important that a couple having assistance in conceiving a pregnancy take measures in their life to manage stress.

Here are some suggestions:

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 1.  Find quality of life.  Consider how many hours you both work a week, how many hours you spend travelling to and from work and what your quality of life as a couple is like.  If you think you can improve it, make changes to improve your enjoyment together.  Look on this time as a couple as valuable to you as a couple – once you have your much wanted baby you will be very busy looking after your family.

2.  Have a healthy lifestyle.  Find time to address your eating habits and exercise.  Everyone should engage in at least 3 hours of intense exercise per week.  If you smoke cigarettes or drink more than 2 standard drinks a day make the decision to cease smoking and reduce alcohol intake.  If you take illegal drugs, make the decision to cease.   If you are overweight or obese endeavour to lose weight.  If you are underweight discuss this with your fertility specialist to see if you should be seeking help to gain weight.   If you have difficulty achieving these goals please discuss this with your general practitioner, your fertility specialist or the nursing or counselling staff of Assisted Conception Australia.

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