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Are our unwanted embryos going to be used for stem cell research?
Your unwanted embryos are your property and you control their usage and disposal. At present no patients of the Assisted Conception Australia have been asked to donate their embryos for any form of embryo research. All patients with stored embryos have signed a consent form for frozen-storage. This states Assisted Conception Australia will store your embryos for up to five years with an agreement they will be disposed of at that time unless you request otherwise. Your embryos will not be used for research without your written permission. All embryo research conducted at ACA  will be approved by the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) at Greenslopes Private Hospital and if necessary the NHMRC and the details of the research will be posted on the website. Only embryos from couples who have opted to donate their unwanted embryos to research will be used in research. Currently ACA does not conduct embryo research. 

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