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Why do I have to take the pill?
Many cycles of IVF treatment (or even frozen embryo transfers when you take hormones) require you to take the contraceptive pill for a short while before the treatment cycle.  Generally only “active” pills are taken (not sugar ones) and the duration on the pill is less than 3 weeks.  Sometimes during the time you are taking the pill  you will commence treatment with either Synarel or Lucrin .  Taking the pill whilst Synarel or Lucrin is introduced reduces the risk of cysts developing on the ovaries.  The pill prevents follicles which contain eggs growing on your ovaries which means that when you start the injections of FSH the ovary is maximally receptive to the effect of FSH.Another reason you should take the pill in your monthly cycle before the egg-collection cycle, is to allow more accurate planning of the day of your egg collection. You will have been given a treatment planner and on that planner the time you take the pill is variable because the date your period begins is often a little bit unpredictable.

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