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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 Why do I have to take the pill?
2 Do I have to keep taking the Synarel or Lucrin when the other medication starts?
3 What's my blood group?
4 Why are we NOT covered by Medicare completely?
5 Why is the treatment not covered fully by private medical insurance?
6 Do we treat single females?
7 How long is our waiting list?
8 Why do I need a referral letter to see a doctor (with both partners' names included)?
9 Are our unwanted embryos going to be used for stem cell research?
10 If I have 10 follicles why didn’t I get 10 eggs?
11 Do all my eggs have a chance of fertilising?
12 Why didn’t all my eggs fertilise?
13 Why didn’t all my embryos divide?
14 Why weren’t my spare embryos all frozen?
15 Why didn’t my embryos survive freezing and thawing?
16 Should I still be in pain the day after EPU?
17 Should I still be bleeding the day after EPU?
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