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Reproduction and Collaborative Trials in Australia and New Zealand  REACT-ANZByline: supporting clinical research networks in fertility What is REACT-ANZ? We are a network of clinical researchers across fertility clinics and research departments in Australia and New Zealand. We are seeking to improve the clinical research in infertility in Australia and New Zealand by working together on study designs and to increase recruitment into clinical studies.


Who is involved in REACT-ANZ?           

  • Neil Johnson           
  • Cindy Farquhar           
  • Michael Costello           
  • Clare Boothroyd           
  • Roger HartLuk Rombauts           
  • Kelton Tremellen           
  • James Moir-Shepherd           
  • Martin Stafford Bell           

What clinical trials are currently underway? 

1. Fallopian sperm perfusion study This study is a randomised controlled trial of fallopian sperm perfusion (FSP) versus intrauterine insemination (IUI). The aim of FSP is to try to get more sperm into the fallopian tubes rather than just into the uterus. This is achieved by using a greater volume (4ml) of sperm solution and using a small catheter into the uterus. Most IVF units in Australia and New Zealand currently use the standard IUI technique of placing 0.5ml of sperm suspension inside the uterus. The Pregnancy rate per cycle in women with unexplained infertility treated with standard IUI in previous studies ranges from 6% to 18%. The studies with FSP suggest pregnancy rates of 25%.

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