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 Mrs Margaret Parry

Nursing Coordinator

Margie Parry is an experienced registered nurse with extensive clinical experience in caring for children in Brisbane and the regional hospitals of Queensland. She has travelled the IVF journey herself, and has beautiful twin boys as a result. Margie returned to the workforce after five years of raising her twin boys and in 2003 she worked with Dr Clare Boothroyd in a day surgery unit, where egg collections were performed. Her warm personality is a welcome presence in the ACA unit, where she is the appointed fertility nurse coordinator, and also in day surgery when the egg collections are performed. Margie also performs ultrasound scans at the time of embryo transfer. Margie is committed to providing a holistic experience for ACA clients and as she is still involved in egg collections, couples will have her friendly face throughout their journey.


 Fiona O'Hare

Nursing Coordinator

Fiona O’Hare BN RN is an experienced registered nurse with a background in operating theatres and day surgery units. Over the last five years she has participated in the IVF programs of two Brisbane hospitals. Fiona is now focused on providing exceptional personalised care to couples at Assisted Conception Australia, to ensure they have a more comfortable journey through their fertility treatment.

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