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About Us

The beginning
Assisted Conception Australia was founded in July 2008.  ACA is committed to providing the best possible care for couples with infertility in Queensland.  Over the ensuing five years ACA has assisted in the conception of over four hundred children and is justifiably proud of quality of service and care.

The location at Greenslopes Private Hospital (Australia’s largest private hospital) and its affiliation with the University of Queensland and the country’s first medical school (located wholly within a private hospital) is ideal for the establishment of a unit of national excellence.

Our facilities
ACA is a custom designed centre, which caters solely for IVF patients. The Unit is conveniently located in a quiet wing in Greenslopes Private Hospital, close to parking and the out-patient coffee shop.


The ACA reception and waiting area has been tastefully decorated and is comfortable, light and airy with nearby cafe, magazines and information. There is also a privacy chamber for discussion of sensitive patient issues and needs, and an electronic practice management system for the secure and efficient storage of patient information. The reception is linked to the nurse’s rooms and a meeting room.


ACA Laboratory

ACA has a custom-built laboratory, with the latest technology to treat male and female infertility. It has facilities for collection, preparation and freezing of sperm and eggs, microinjection of sperm into eggs, and the culturing and freezing of embryos. In addition a new patient data tracking system will allow the efficient handling and confidentiality of all patient records. The laboratory is linked to a separate andrology corridor and collection rooms for male patients.


Treatment room The laboratory is also connected to the treatment rooms, which include ultrasound equipment and a direct video link for patients to observe certain parts of their treatment. ACA’s major hospital setting enables our staff to perform all procedures on-site, with the least inconvenience to patients.

At ACA our expert team can design the best individual fertility program for you and your partner. We can provide comprehensive information and up-to-date treatment advice, and we are committed to openly discuss all aspects of your treatment program.

ACA – a specialist team
ACA’s highly skilled team of nursing, scientific, counselling and reception staff, engender a friendly, warm and supportive atmosphere within the unit. Together they provide a caring and sensitive support network crucial to achieving the best clinical results and the highest standard of care. At ACA we believe in a team approach, where we encourage patients and staff to work together to achieve a successful outcome.
We have selected the staff employed at Assisted Conception very carefully.  We are confident you will feel comfortable and confident in their care.

Our success rates

Pregnancy rates are important to know.
They allow a couple to make a realistic appraisal of their chance of success in any single IVF cycle.
The pregnancy rates here report the pregnancy rates from 2011 which are the most recently analyzed rates with live birth data.
ACA frequently deals with complex cases, often requiring individualized treatment protocols and is proud to report such a excellent pregnancy rate for complex patients, many of whom have had failed treatment cycles in other units.
It is important to recognize that sometimes couples need to undertake repeated cycles to achieve a live birth and ACA is committed to ensuring that each treatment cycle is reviewed carefully and in detail to ensure the chance of success is maximized in any subsequent cycle.

Many units report biochemical pregnancy rates which are positive pregnancy tests.  ACA reports here its clinical pregnancy rates which are ultrasound evidence of an ongoing pregnancy. 




 The graph shows clinical pregnancy (ultrasound evidence of  ongoing pregnancy at six weeks) rates at ACA during 2011.  The live birth per clinical pregnancy is 83% for the same period.  These are the most up to date pregnancy rates analysed according to live birth available at ACA.






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